Cuba Fall 2019
October 07, 2019 - October 14, 2019
Welcome to Cuba!

In-depth visits to the Cuban cities of Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Havana highlight this cultural and humanitarian trip. Many interactions are planned, including meeting with musicians of the Cienfuegos Choir who will elaborate on their education and training; a performance by the children of La Colmenita, who demonstrate the values of peace, humanity and forgiveness in their daily lives as well as while performing; and a tour of the Imaginondo Unidos Proyecto, which supports the artistic endeavors of young adults with Downs Syndrome.

On June 5, the Trump administration announced changes to its policy regarding Americans traveling to Cuba. As always, People to People International will continue to provide legal travel to Cuba in full compliance with all U.S. government regulations. Our full-time programs support the Cuban people and result in meaningful interaction with private citizens in Cuba. We support the private sector by visiting independent artists, privately owned businesses, foundations, and non-governmental organizations. Our visits support civil society on the island and Cuba's burgeoning private sector.

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DAY 1, October 07, 2019 | MIAMI-CIENFUEGOS

After clearing customs, the delegation will transfer to the hotel.

This evening, the lovely Cienfuegos Choir will treat you to a special performance. Afterwards, you will meet with classically trained musicians to discuss education and training in Cuban performing arts.

Our welcome dinner will be held at the private restaurant, Finca del Mar.

DAY 2, October 08, 2019 | CIENFUEGOS-TRINIDAD

Today we travel to the historic city of Trinidad. The city of Trinidad was founded in 1514 by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar under the name Villa De la Santísima Trinidad. It is one of the best-preserved colonial cities in the Caribbean, dating back to the time when the sugar trade was the region's main industry. Lunch is at a local restaurant during the visit. We then visit the Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba, the historic center of the town that UNESCO declared a World Heritage site in 1988.

The delegation will next visit Casa del Alfarero. This family-owned workshop has cultivated a rich history of pottery since the mid-19th century when it was founded by Don Secundino Santander. His family continues the tradition today.

After departing Trinidad, we will travel to the UNESCO World Heritage site called Valle de los Ingenios, or Valley of the Sugar Mills in English. This is a series of three interconnected valleys about 7 miles outside of Trinidad. This was the center for sugar production from the late 18th century until the late 19th century. We will have a discussion with local experts and citizens on the history of the Valley and life today for its residents.

Upon our return to Cienfuegos we will attend a performance by the children of La Colmenita. La Colmenita was developed with the purpose of conveying a message of peace, humanity, and forgiveness. As official UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, the children of La Colmenita demonstrate these values not only in their performances but in their daily lives. After the performance we will interact with the children and teachers.

Dinner is at the private restaurant El Lagarto.

DAY 3, October 09, 2019 | CIENFUEGOS-HAVANA

The delegation will interact with local citizens while visiting the Paseo del Prado, a pedestrian-only boulevard lined with various stores. You will have the opportunity to meet and support self-employed workers, known as cuenta-propistas, who operate the businesses along the boulevard. Later, we will visit the Imaginando Unidos Proyecto, a community center that produces graphic arts and supports young adults with Down Syndrome. The delegates will gain insight into the techniques practiced at the workshop and the different mediums that each artist uses in their work. We will then deliver donations to support the project.

We will stop for a late lunch at a private restaurant.

The delegation with take a mid-afternoon drive to Havana and check in at the Melia Cohiba Hotel. Dinner will be at the private restaurant, Atelier. Tonight, you will meet owner Niurys Higueras. She is one of the most well-known faces in the Cuban private business community. Although it is not a structured organization, it can be said she leads the Cuban Businesswomen Association. Niurys will share her experience at running a private restaurant on the island.

DAY 4, October 10, 2019 | HAVANA

Today our delegation will visit the Las Terrazas sustainable community. Delegates will visit the local school to talk with the children, visit an artist’s home and workshop, and meet with residents to learn about their daily lives and respective roles within their community. A special lunch will be held at a local family restaurant.

Upon to returning to Havana, we will meet with young entrepreneurs and designers to support the emerging private sector.

Dinner is at your leisure.

DAY 5, October 11, 2019 | HAVANA

This morning, delegates will visit a daycare center run by the Catholic Order Sisters of the Love of God. The delegates will have the opportunity to meet with the Center’s founder, Sister Teresa Vaz, to discuss her ongoing programs and to provide vitamins and other needed items for the children. PTPI will provide the delegation in advance with a list of donatable items they may bring. Delegates will then have the opportunity to meet with the Sisters, staff, and the children cared for by the Center.

Next, we will tour Old Havana, stopping for lunch at a private restaurant. Afterwards, the delegation will visit the Carlos Acosta Dance Academy. This private foundation was inspired by Carlos’ own life experience, which took him from a disadvantaged neighborhood in Havana to becoming the best male dancer of his generation. The Academy seeks to give other talented young people that same opportunity to follow their dreams and transform their lives. In turn, they will inspire other people to make positive choices and strive for change. The Foundation also believes in the importance of connecting people across cultures and continents, bringing both dancers and art lovers together in a dynamic and creative way.

Dinner is at your leisure.

DAY 6, October 12, 2019 | HAVANA-LAS TERRAZAS

This morning we will visit artist Kelvin López, one of Cuba’s leading painters and sculptors. We will discuss his unique insight into the culture, history, and people of Cuba as he shares his art at his private home studio.

We will next travel to Arte Corte. Arte Corte is an example of the Cuban economic miracle created by the small business initiative. It all started when Gilberto Valladares (also called Papito) opened Arte Corte Papito's, a hair studio that is also an interactive museum. Surrounded by original art pieces and vintage barber instruments, customers are treated to an authentic retro experience. The project covers a whole block and offers a free painting program for kids, soccer classes, a hairdressing and barber program for young adults, workshops, and weekly activities at the Seniors’ Center “Nueva Vida” (“New Life”), including a weekly dance party for the seniors.

Cuban farmers will meet us over lunch at a privately owned and operated farm. They will teach us about their organic farming techniques and share stories about their daily lives.

We will complete our day with an interactive visit to Hemingway's home, Finca Vigia. Delegates will receive an overview of the current restoration projects. Cubans and American guests will discuss the novelist's life, work, and relationship with Cuba and its relationship to contemporary Cuban writers.

We will then return to the hotel with dinner at your leisure.

DAY 7, October 13, 2019 | HAVANA

We will start our day with a guided tour of the stunning National Museum of Fine Arts. The museum hosts the best collection of Cuban Art in the world, which dates back to the 17th century.

Lunch will be at a private restaurant.

In the evening, there will be an opportunity to visit the National Ballet to view one of the world’s most renowned ballet styles.

We will hold our farewell dinner at the private restaurant Le Chanssonier.

DAY 8, October 14, 2019 | HAVANA-MIAMI

This morning delegates will check out of the hotel and transfer to the International Airport Jose Marti for the 10:00am flight to Miami.

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Mary Jean Eisenhower

Mary Jean Eisenhower was born in Washington, D.C. during her grandfather, Dwight D. Eisenhower's, first term in office as President of the United States. She was christened in the Blue Room of the White House and grew up in nearby Gettysburg, PA, in a home with property abutting the Eisenhower Farm, where President Eisenhower eventually retired. 

She attended several schools in Pennsylvania until her father, John, was named as US Ambassador to Belgium. She lived in Brussels with her family from shortly after her grandfather's death in 1969 through 1972.

Mary Jean Eisenhower is President of People to People International, which was founded September 11, 1956 by her grandfather, then US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Mary says that she joined PTPI hoping to carry on her grandfather's dream of her own. In 1961, President Eisenhower brought PTPI in to the private sector, with the financial backing of his friend Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards. 

Mary Eisenhower established the PTPI Friendship Fund in 1999 following an inspirational visit to an orphanage in Morocco. The fund is designed as a way for people to help the friends and facilities they visit throughout the world and to help the PTPI Chapter network assist each other in humanitarian and educational endeavors. To date, the fund has provided assistance to causes such as the Global Humanitarian Eradication of Landmines; Children's Mercy Hospital in London, England; earthquake relief in India; disaster relief to victims of September 11, 2001 and their families; support of schools for the underprivileged in China and Sri Lanka; a home for leukemia victims and their families in Cuba; Operator International Children; New Horizons (a library project in Vietnam); The Survivors of Rwanda; Japan Tsunami Relief, Haiti, and Friends of Egypt, among others. 

Following September 11, 2001, Mary's focus intensified toward getting young people from around the world together to learn about each other and conflict management. Her vision resulted in "Peace Camp 2003: An Evolution of Thought and Action" and "The Global Peace Initiative." Both efforts have brought people from diverse areas, more than 30 nationalities, together in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, to discuss issues, how each are affected and reach a better understanding of their unique and individual cultures. The program remains active today. In total, Mary Jean has visited or established programing in over 74 countries, many multiple times. 

Highlighted awards of Mary's are: the Knight of Peace Award from the International University in Assisi, Italy; the Medal of Honor from Slovak Republic; The Consular Corps Award of Excellence; The Harry S. Truman Award for Public Service; Friendship Ambassador from The Peoples' Republic of China, Friend of Foreign Service Award, Taiwan, among others. Eisenhower has received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Schiller International University, Park University and William Jewel College; and an Honorary Doctorate of Law from York College. She has served as a Fellow at Stanford University and The Churchill Foundation at Westminster College. 

When booking your multicity international flight to Santa Clara, Cuba and from Havana, Cuba please note:

You will need to connect flights in Miami (MIA Airport) on October 7th to Santa Clara, Cuba on American Airlines Flight 2751 at 3:55pm.

You will need to connect flights in Miami (MIA Airport) on October 14th from Havana, Cuba to your destination city on American Airlines Flight 1334 at 11:45am.

To allow ample time to clear customs on the return from Cuba please do not book any flights before 3:00pm for your return from Miami.

The following is included with your registration fee:

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • 10 Breakfasts, 9 lunches, 5 Dinners
  • Cuban Visa
  • Licensed program, and permits including museum entrances according to the program
  • Motor Coach Transportation
  • Bilingual local guide to all programmed events

The following is NOT included with your registration fee:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Airfare



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